Atmospheric paintings that are vibrant and seductive.


Cheryl Johnson’s work is driven by the desire to display atmosphere and emotion of a place and time. Through her art she expresses feelings that are often inexpressible through words. Her latest body of work charts an intense and intimate journey.

‘More Joy Everyday’ – 30″x40″ – Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

Her work features the ever changing seascape and landscape. The unmatched beauty of her Kaua’i island home is a constant source of inspiration. Moved by the spirit of its people and the compelling story of its myth and culture, figures appear randomly muted, faintly – almost whispered. A recurring motif are tumultuous sky’s, mountains or ocean waves as a metaphor for the sacred.

Solid, melts into air.
The energy inherent in her work is endless, a means of making sense of the unknowable and intangible.

Cheryl Johnson’s brand of Abstract Expressionism, emphasizes spontaneous creation and emotional intensity. Her work is a process of evolution, bordering between abstraction, the conceptual and the figurative. Her palette, muted subtle colors. She uses the blackest and palest of shades to bathe her work in luminous light and shadow. The effect is brooding and nebulous, yet meditative.

Johnson’s works are hard to typify. They range from abstracts with large washes of color to gestural, fleshy nudes, figurative studies— but they all showcase her wide-ranging vocabulary and dynamism in creation.

All artwork appearing on this site is protected under United States and International copyright laws
©1999-2013 Cheryl L. Johnson – All Rights Reserved
e-mail • telephone 808-212-1030


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