Celebration of life

Follow the rain.

How blessed to paint what I see instead of what I yearn to see.

When is the time you finally develop your own Eye? All my life I’ve been trying to create a style from portraits too abstract – all different. Different places In different cities and different people have influenced me. I love to go to museums and art galleries and I love a whole body of artist. i am particularity drawn to Joan Mitchell and Cy Twombly who freely express themselves with flickering emotional brush strokes.

Now- today in the midst of glorious sun coloring the verdant valley I am blessed to live in Kauai this painting emerged.

Celebration of Life


When do you come into your own I guess it is when you quit looking at others and start looking inside. Certainly I have lived long enough to find the answers there. It takes a while to sort through all the influences. I’ve created an imaginary perfect garden and I can cultivate and grow and change and devour.

One doesn’t need to do what you are taught to do, you can make it happen in a different way. Trees do not have to be green and brown. A sky can be rich cadmium red instead of blue.

Exploring, playing, testing, experimenting. Risking failure to succeed. How marvelous a freedom.it is important to stay in touch with why you paint. It should be pleasure based over work based. I paint because I am compelled to do so. We tend to see what we already know. Perhaps, I am looking to see or create what I don’t know.

Abstraction is that which you make up or imagine you see. However we paint; everything comes from our imagination, it may be influenced by what we see but, certainly what we feel. If you feel something you can find a way to reason it out. I am an artist. I paint abstractly.

I am excited about color. Color has tonal qualities like music. today this is my song as I “Celebrate Life.”


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