On the wall

On the Wall

I work with a lot of interior decorators and designers. They maintain that the most important part of their role as a designer is to bring there clients art work they enjoy.

Art must add harmony to their home or space. It must create a natural and essential relationships with the environments in which they work and live. Process and synergy are the cornerstones of design ethos. Designers pay careful attention to the relationships between form and function, between interior and exterior, and between the human, visual, and physical experiences of a space.

I love to see my work hanging in a gallery and then in a home.


I paint to add feelings and to add joy. I Start with a mark on the canvas and intuitive energy takes over.

I choose to create abstract – non-objective paintings because I find the creative process exciting, intriguing, honest and satisfying. I love exploration and new ideas. I am constantly exploring new territory. A single mark or line on a blank surface provides a starting point for an intuitive exploration of the visual language found in abstraction. Working in mixed media: graphite, acrylic and collage, allows me to layer and rework textured surfaces – with each painting resulting in a delightful discovery of things unseen.

I like to write, perhaps too much. I like journaling thoughts about what it is like to be painting. I like that. Making Marks that records memory and feelings is a joy. My work is a continuous investigation of emotion released in abstraction and exploration of nature and. the human form. It is a visual diary, a record keeping or “paper trail” of a process. Sometimes deliberate and other days spontaneous, personal yet universal.

I like to work in series that can start as a concept in my mind, an idea, a thought, a vision of a finished work, or it can begin as an emotion, a feeling, a process of a deeper nature in my heart or deeply in my soul. When I work on a theme, like “flying” for example, I explore it in mixed media or oil, acrylic, and encaustic, working figuratively and abstractly until it exhausts itself or leads to another theme. I apply what I’ve learned from working with shapes, forms, and lines in my abstract paintings to finding the simplicity that is needed for abstracting a face or a figure. Similarly, my abstract work is enhanced and profits from my figurative or portrait experience.

I work in layers of paint, creating luminous color, depth, and voluptuous texture. Painting for me is a dynamic intuitive process. A drip or smear can reveal part of that process. I like that!

An abstract painter brings all of themselves into their painting. It is the breathe that gives life meaning.


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