Why I am an artist

Question: “What meaning does doing art have for you? In other words why do you show up in your studio, or wherever, and pick up your tools day after day?”

“I am an artist first, last and always. The calling was always there, tho resting dormant, thru different seasons of my life. I am an artist because it is an instilled passion as natural as breathing. It is the divine energy in us all that passes through. We are all vessels pouring out the energy and love that comes to us daily. When we are open to the spirit of creation, I believe we can accomplish anything. We artists can inspire, challenge, motivate, intrigue, fascinate and move others to emotion and response. All personal, unique and individual moments we experience in creating become others experiences in viewing.

Creating art leaves me – Breathless.

Breathless gasping for more. There are certain incredible selected moments in my life that take my breath away. Whether it’s a person I meet, a painting I see, a vista I visit or a space I walk into. Perhaps it is music I hear, a gesture that I recognize, a smell I find beautiful, the taste of a delicious dish or simply a feeling I get while I am in a beautiful moment.

We all live for those moments. Sometimes we can capture those moments with a photo – I try to record these beautiful moments so that I can have a memory of this beauty and the amazing emotion I experienced from it.

All to few, there are many emotions that can spark this feeling. Some are painful as a result of loss of love or life or misguided expectations. Emotions move us to respond and dream, process and create. Of course, my favorite ones are those I want to make a part of me and treasure and remember always so I paint them in my spirit and then on canvas to try to remember and cherish forever that feeling. These are the beautiful ones that make me forget about everything at that given time. It is that time you take a deep breath, hold it, pause and exhale joy. This is when I savor LIFE.

Everywhere I go and every place I visit I see beauty. To capture what we see and what we feel is a challenge and a calling. “NOTHING outshines the VIEW from the HEART.”



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