Artist’s Statement

As a maker, creator, painter, artist I am breathing life into my photographs, paintings or sculpture.

Paintings to me, are windows and have always been, mystic. I feel inclined to believe that they have a life of their own. With my work, I intend to give form to this sensation and create a life for the given piece, offering the viewer a possible connection with it. I wish for the observer to enter my world where my work has grown and seems to continue growing. This world becomes the environment where my objects morph, transform and convert the everyday into imaginary.

My work is a “moments pleasure” to me, a celebration, visual music or poetry, speaking indirectly and metaphorically about the human experience. The paintings serve as gateways, affording access to real, complex, internal states of emotion, psyche, and spirit. They convey a poignant sense of delicacy, fragility, and vulnerability.

Atmospheric lyrical abstraction elements and the figure real and imagined. elements morphing in continual flux—evolving, emerging and dissipating—as if undergoing processes of birth, growth, decay, death, and rebirth. Visual relationships speak of connection and isolation, unity and discord, tension and equilibrium. The paintings are objects to be sensed and experienced…rather than fully understood.

Cheri Lynn a.k.a., Cheryl Johnson is first a painter and fine art photographer.

” I paint and photograph people, locations, water, landscapes and skies for individuals, corporate clients, magazines and, often, simply for myself. My art and photography are more about self expression and taking liberties with creativity. I explore and expose my feelings with every stroke, mark or click.”

Cheryl Johnson is an American artist who lives on the Northshore of Kaua’i in the Wainiha Valley. Also, Cheryl keeps a home and studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. She spent her childhood in the Northwest (Idaho, Washington, Montana, British Columbia). Cheryl Lynn was the middle sister of three children.

Cheryl’s university studies were in Oklahoma where she earned a B.F.A. degree in visual arts from Oral Roberts University and University of Tulsa. She completed her graduate studies and received her MFA from Oklahoma State University 1969. She had her first solo exhibition in Tulsa in 1983. She worked in the corporate world retiring from IBM in 2011. Though she has been based predominantely in North Carolina she relocated to a second home on the Garden isle of Kauai’i in 2010. She is widely traveled and her richly expressionist, semi-abstract paintings have been strongly influenced by time spent in Canada, Europe and Hawaii. Nature in its infinite variety and irresistible flux is her chosen environment and subject matter. Early works were realistic portraits.

Cheryl Johnson (February 12, 1947 – Aquarian) is an abstract expressionist painter, photographer, mixed media artist and sculptor. Her paintings, photographs and editioned prints can be seen in galleries and collections across America and Europe.

Cheryl considers herself to be a Contemporary Abstract Expressionist artists who creates a visual language of form, color and line to create compositions that have often a degree of independence from visual references to actual persons, places or things.

Johnson works primarily in oil and watercolor, but she is also an accomplished sculptor. She has exhibited in multiple juried shows.

Cheryl has referred to her current work as an ‘aqueous vision’.




One thought on “About

  1. I have a painting with a name tag of Cheri Johnson originally acquired in Tulsa. Painting of a number of older female relatives I believe. Is this yours?

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